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What We Are Doing

No Dream Deferred is excited to engage Black and Black Indigenous artists, makers, creatives, builders, craftspersons, programmatic engineers, movement builders that share an interest in building a coalition focusing on decolonizing their own varying personal practices. Through this Cohort series of workshops, our goal is to create, explore and model methods for building an iterative, equitable, decolonized process for Black/Black Indigeneous makers around creating racial and climate justice practices and claiming land sovereignty. We will develop a generative process for Black/Black Indigenous community members to come together and realize a shared future that centers us as:


1.Still here  

2.Crafting climate solutions and adapting to climate changes



Utilizing the newly commissioned, developing, text of Lydia Y. Nichols audio play, Don’t Look Away as a provocation and guiding resource for facilitated sessions, this community-member based cohort of 6 individuals will produce many offerings adjacent to the further development and production of their own work and Lydia’s play.

Who is the Cohort?

No Dream Deferred is proud to collaborate with 6 Black and Black Indigenous Creators within a wide range of artistic endeavors for this unique experience.

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Why We Are Gathering

The climate change movement remains exclusionary to most Black and  Indigenous voices and bodies.There are very limited climate justice spaces that fully acknowledge us and look to foster cross-cultural connection and knowledge/wisdom sharing between Black and Black Indigenous folx. In order to have not only a more just movement but also a better informed movement, Black and Black Indigeneous people must be supported in utilizing the power of radical imagination and inherited leadership ability to create climate solutions, especially as people who will be most impacted by climate changes. 

Our process will be dependent on and will defer to the input of Black and Black Indigeneous community members of which are also artists, writers, organizers, and activists to counter the unjust practice of disregard and systemic racism that is rampant within the current landscape. Through restorative practice, shared leadership and solidarity-focused building, we look to create a more just community.

How We Are Growing
  • Developing Civic Practice:  We will engage in exploring new decolonized pathways for climate justice thinking and creative actions that examine how white supremacy culture has been internalized and informs our way of making. Both needs and action steps will be self-determined by the cohort. We look to foster a strong sense of community and collective agency within the cohort as we move together through a process of healing, creating, and legacy building.

  • Facilitated  Decolonizing and Climate Justice Sessions. Workshop guided sessions are as follows*: 


  1. Session 1- Friday, December 3rd Somatic/ Body Healing

  2. Session 2- Friday, January 28th Healing Land Wounds

  3. Session 3-  Friday, February 11 Fugitivity

  4. Session 4- Friday, March 4 Belonging

  5. Session 5-  Friday, April 1 Sovereignty/ New Liberation Practices

  6. Session 6- Friday, April 29 Accountability

  • Building an Archive: Throughout our time together cohort members will create a historic and present day archive of works built through research and other gathering methods. This will represent a new system of creativity that will exist outside of current practices that understand our corporal agency in juxtaposition to whiteness. Participants will also be engaged in a personal creative practice informed and guided by our developing understanding of what it means to create free from any white suprimacist innuendo. Your works— dance, text, painting/drawing/sculpture, film, craft, program, etc.— will also be included in this archive to inform future cohorts and serve as a community resource.